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We are North Carolina's PREMIER national speed and performance shop. Founded in 2007, MAJESTIC MOTORSPORTS has been incorporated around a new and unique concept in the world of automotive, providing unmatched customer service, uncompromising quality and dependable care for high performance automobiles.

We've moved to our new location on HWY 24 just outside of Jacksonville. This state of the art facility provides a 3700 sq./ft. showroom and 22500 sq./ft. operating space. MAJESTIC MOTORSPORTS is without a doubt an exceptional top-notch automotive showroom. Stop in and speak with one of our professionals today.

The force behind the foundation of MAJESTIC MOTORSPORTS comes from our ever-prosperous hard work to create what we believe to be a remarkable automotive "boutique".

MAJESTIC MOTORSPORTS empowers valuable knowledge and experience, coupled with refined taste and exceptionality to build and maintain a slogan that says what MAJESTIC MOTORSPORTS is all about.

From top of the line auto brands to superior customer service and a one of a kind showroom, MAJESTIC MOTORSPORTS provides every driver with a variety of an eye dazzling collection at a very suitable and competitive price range. Whether it is for business, pleasure, or even to fulfill a dream, MAJESTIC MOTORSPORTS is absolutely your one stop national speed and performance automotive store.

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