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This service is critical to help prevent poor performance and damages!

We offer this in-house service to help clean out all of the dirt, debris and build up in your fuel injection system. A clogged fuel system can damage other engine parts, which can quickly lead to deteriorated performance, fuel economy, and a complete engine shutdown if not regularly maintained. We offer this service to local walk-in customers as well as customers who ship us their injectors from across the U.S.! Call today for a free estimate!

Fuel Injector Cleaning
Fuel Injector Cleaning
Fuel Injector Cleaning
Fuel Injector Cleaning

If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms below, call us today!

  • Hard starting
  • Tough idle
  • Throttle "tip-in" hesitation
  • Pre-ignition/"pinging"
  • Poor overall performance
  • Decreased gas mileage

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